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My Thoughts is where I will share the knowledge I have learned through my experiences with COPD.  I am often at odds with the professions and systems delivering the care we need.  I struggle with, “Who am I to say the present system of care encourages those with COPD to sit on the couch, which leads to a lower quality of life, deconditioning, exasperations, hospitalizations and death?” 

The answer, “I need to because I have been on the road to a lower quality of life, deconditioning, and mild exasperations before I found a better road and would like to help others!”   For me the road to a better quality of life while improving my health was learning how to get the oxygen I need to stay active!  It is that simple, we may stay active if we have the oxygen and support needed to do it!  It is so simple but a tough climb because of the roadblocks and difficulties put in our way by the present system.

·         Those with COPD should have a sp02 of 88% to 92%.  No!  We need to go both above and below that.

·         We need to know how to use an oximeter and have a realistic knowledge of blood oxygen levels.

·         Many of us are not able to get the oxygen we need from portable oxygen concentrators and the best option for us is liquid oxygen.  We need liquid oxygen to be more available!

·         Oxygen requires a prescription.  Poc settings need to be equivalent to LPM so we know if a poc will fill our prescription or not.

·         We need to stay motivated and active which is extremely difficult if we don’t have the needed oxygen.

·         With the needed oxygen it is easier to be motivated and remain active!

The medical system falls flat on its face when it comes to COPD and quality of life!!!  I know the present medical system for those with COPD lowers our quality of life, but I also know it does a good job of keeping us alive.  More horse sense is needed.

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