Home Concentrator

Stationary concentrators work well for home use.  Most can produce up to 5 LPM flows with an oxygen purity of 87% to 96%.  Liquid Oxygen and tanks delivered from a DME are 99.5% pure oxygen,  which can make a difference, especially at higher elevations.  Home oxygen concentrators that produce up to 10 LPM are available.  A back up oxygen is needed for power outages.  Usually it is an oxygen tank, but Liquid oxygen can also be used.   When patients need 3+ LPM of ambulatory oxygen liquid oxygen could provide it. 

Home concentrators dominate for use in the home.  Liquid oxygen reservoirs need to be refilled on a regular basis and are not cost effective.  If 3+ LPM of ambulatory oxygen is needed liquid oxygen is the best choice and could also be used as a backup for a home concentrator.


By sharing my experiences and thoughts I hope to somehow- somewhere make a difference in the lives of people with COPD and other respiratory problems.


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