Staying Active



Staying active is so important.  COPD or other respiratory problems often make staying active and motivated difficult. 

I have found ways to make it easier to stay active and motivated. 

·         Having the oxygen I need makes it easier to stay active and is a great motivator.

·         I am the only one that lives with my health problems 24-7 and am responsible for the care I get.  I can have the best medical advise in the world but it doesn’t help me until I take advantage of it.

·         I used a walker when I visited Devils Tower, Fort Bridger State Historic Site and many more and will continue to.  I play pickleball so I don’t need the walker other than it makes it easier for me to breath and is a good way to carry extra oxygen and other supplies like water.

·         I don’t run the cannula under my chin, I run it over my ears and run it through the back of a my cap so it goes down my back and is out of my way.

·         I use an OxyMask at night and sometimes when allergies hit and my nasal passages are difficult to breathe through.

·         When I shower, I turn my oxygen up.

·         I use high flow cannulas when needed.

I have not always had the oxygen I needed and struggled every day to stay active.  It has paid off for me.  The activities in the pictures and videos on this page are my reward and keep me going.



Pickleball Videos

Playing tennis and now pickleball is a great motivator for me!




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