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“It’s official: exercise and physical activity are good for you. It can also be a lot of fun and help you to widen your social contacts. In May 2010, the Department of Health published guidelines – based on scientific evidence – for physical activity in the general population. The research showed that regular physical activity and exercise reduce the risk of many common diseases, such as heart disease, type II diabetes and certain cancers. It also showed that it is important for improving long-term health and wellbeing.”  From - Exercise advice for adults with muscle-wasting conditions - https://londonneurologist.co.uk/exercise-advice-for-adults-with-muscle-wasting-conditions/

The benefits of exercise, staying physically and socially active are well documented for individuals with COPD and other respiratory problems.  Ambulatory oxygen is prescribed for those whose Sp02 drops below 88% and some studies show oxygen will increase our ability to exercise.  Those same studies usually don’t find long term benefits supplemental oxygen.  On the other hand, they find pulmonary rehab does. 

My experience with supplemental oxygen and staying active tells a different story.  In September 2022 I visited Devils Tower and Fort Bridger State Historic Site and spent hours exploring each.  In 2018 I could have visited their parking lots!  I play pickleball, ride a bicycle, and visit other sites that interest me.  I am more active today than I was in 2018.  I am more active now because of liquid oxygen.  It allows me to play pickleball 4 days a week.  It allows me to walk for exercise.  It has improved my health over a period of years.  It would not have happened in a 3 month study.

The liquid oxygen allows me to stay physically active which is important “for improving long-term health and wellbeing.”  The quality of my life has increased by leaps and bounds.





These are my thoughts and experiences, not medical advice.

Gerald(Skip) Miller


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