Portable Oxygen Concentrators

Portable oxygen concentrators are an excellent choice if they will provide the oxygen you need!  They can be easily charged at any 110v outlet or 12v power outlet.  No need to carry a supply of oxygen with you but an extra battery makes them even more flexible.  They are easy to carry and are a good if they supply the oxygen you need.

Unfortunately, portable oxygen concentrators often do not supply the needed oxygen. 


What I mean by the needed oxygen

When I am in the house with 3 LPM at rest or doing minor tasks like cooking or washing the dishes my sp02 will be from 86% to 95%.  I will still be short of breath at times.  If I have an Inogen poc at a 3 setting my sp02 will be from 80% to 91%.  I will be short of breath often and my heart rate will be in the high 80s and topping 100 at times. At 3 LPM I am getting the oxygen I need.  At a 3 setting from an Inogen poc my body is struggling.

When shopping in the grocery store at 6 LPM my sp02 will be from 87% to 96%.  More often short of breath, but blood oxygen levels and heart rate are good.  At a 6 setting from an Inogen  my sp02 will be from 80% to 90% and heart rate 100+.

When playing pickleball at 10 LPM I am short of breath, my sp02 may drop to the low eighties occasionally but will quickly rise to the mid-nineties.  Heart rate will be from 110 to the 130s.  If my heart rate goes into the high 130s or low 140s I take a short break.  If the rates don’t drop quickly I will take a longer break.  At a 6 setting from an Inogen poc (equivalent to 4 LPM)  I might be on the pickleball court, but I am resting more than playing. 

Now I have the needed oxygen to visit Fort Bridger State Historical Site at 6500+ ft in elevation and spend a morning exploring their extensive site.  I visit museums and other interesting places, and I can travel.  When all is said and done I am still handicapped, even though I don’t think of myself that way.  I can’t jump in a car and take off, first I need to plan and make sure I will have the oxygen and any other supplies I may need.  I now have the needed oxygen at home, to be out and about and to play pickleball with acceptable blood oxygen levels and heart rates and I feel good at the end of the day.  Seven years ago, and even two years ago I struggled when I exerted and often hurt after tennis.  The pain in my legs would keep me awake at night.  I didn’t have the oxygen I needed then, my activities were limited and I was often tired.  Today I have the needed oxygen. 

Want to keep people with respiratory problems active?  The most important step is simple, it is all about having the needed oxygen.   Liquid oxygen is the key for many! 

Make liquid oxygen more readily available!


By sharing my experiences and thoughts I hope to somehow- somewhere make a difference in the lives of people with COPD and other respiratory problems.


These are my thoughts and experiences, not medical advice.

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