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Compared to my first pft I would say Mike Loomis rushed through this test.  I question how valid it is, but is the record I have to go by.


2018 pft results

I did not smoke 3 packs a day for 44 years.  First, I didn’t smoke for 44 years.  I had quit smoking 12 years before taking the pft.   Add 12 to 44 and you have 56.  Subtract 56 from 2018(when the pft was done) and you get 1962.  I was born in 1957 and I know I didn’t start smoking at the age of five.  I smoked 3 packs per day for less than 10 years.  For well over 10 years, I smoked 1 pack a day or less.  During those times I was smoking and chewing tobacco.  There were also years there where I didn’t smoke, just chewed tobacco.  For years I smoked 2 packs a day or less.  If I had to make a guess on how many packs a day I smoked overall, I would say less than 1 ½ packs per day.  The average could be closer to 1 pack a day.  It really doesn’t matter; my COPD would not be as severe if I had not smoked.  But it does make me question how much I want to trust the results of the pft.

It does tick me off and makes it hard for me to accept Doctors reports as true.  The smoking is really exaggerated for this pft.  I know Doctors or their staff will ignore the first oximeter test if it is lower than they like and wait for a higher reading.  I went in with my oxygen turned off until after they took my blood oxygen level and I didn’t see that blood oxygen level on my chart.  At other times I have gone in with my oxygen at 6LPM and my blood oxygen level is at 95 to 97% and they write it down.  When I tell them the LPM I was using, they shrug their shoulders.  For the blood oxygen readings to have any meaning the LPM of supplemental oxygen I was using at the time needs to be in my chart.

The Blood Oxygen levels in my charts have no meaning!

Blood pressure they treat the same.  But occasionally they will ask me to keep a record of my blood pressure.  Never asked for a record of my blood oxygen level, why?

It is hard for me to take my medical records seriously.

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